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      Greetings, recently was been able to get my Halcyon World up and running again. Last third Cycle this week(14th DAY, 164/360 – Aug 31, 2021), my friend in California- Granite Bay area, who sets up the Halcyon Worlds, was able to connect to my server finally, and get it working again. Although all the assets got corrupted, so I had to reload the OAR’s again. (Which are Region Archives to restore everything that was built in a region in the past.) See the website to learn more and/or join.

      FirestormOS Viewer
      This is an example of how FirestormOS would appear before logging into the world(showing one of several different rotating pictures). To register/join select “New Account” at the left side of the website.

      So you can see the website for it here and register. After you register, the page will be forwarded to the “Connect” page that has the Grid URI which you’d have to copy/paste into your FirestormOS Viewer. If you need additonal instructions on how to setup the FirestormOS Viewer there is a link to my step-by-step instructions on my Joomla site. If you have any problems or questions, please get in touch on the Contact page of the website. (Move your mouse curosor over “Support” at the top right, and then click on “Contact US” on the menu that appears.)

      The following are a few pictures taken in-world.

      Welcome Region snapshots taken In-World.

      Welcome Region

      Welcome Region

      Linda Kellie Avatar Center Region snapshot taken In-World.

      Avatar Selection Region

      Firestorm Orientation Island OAR, these are screenshots of FirestormOS when logging in. Firestorm saves a picture of the last view when logging out, and shows it like this when you log in again. So I’ve been setting the ‘camera’ view in-world to specific angles so that when I login again later, it shows that, and I save screenshots of Firestorm when logging in. That’s what these screenshots are of.

      The following two screenshots are examples of logging in. When Firestorm is closed, it saves a picture of the last view in-world, and shows it again the next time the same user logs in.

      Firestorm Orientation Island

      When we first login to a Virtual World like this (Second Life, Halcyon or OpenSim) until the avatar is downloaded, it appears as a cloud like below. If the cloud doesn’t disappear and an avatar appear, then there’s a problem in the outfit. At the minimum a Skin, Shape, & Eyes are needed to be worn, if those are not present and worn, the cloud will persist.

      Firestorm Orientation Island

      So you’re all welcome to join the ToAllChurches Halcyon World, and you might see something about “Vivox Voice” near the bottom of the website, though that is not working yet unfortunately.

      Thank you

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