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(5.9 – 5.14) 5.14 John 7 Pt 6 Morgenstern & Ancient Civilizations (75)

Full Teaching 5.14 PART 6 https://youtu.be/dA-ZLeLo7W8 5.14 John 7 Part 6 – Morgentsern & Ancient Civilizations In Part 5 we examined the modern day festival calendars to investigate what kind of intercalation was used, and how not one of these calendars could possible be correct because of intercalation – which cannot be found in the […]

(5.9 – 5.12) John 7 Yahusha & the Jews Feast of Tabernacles

Full Teaching 5.12 PART 4 https://youtu.be/iiNefmoZPOM The introduction video for this teaching already gave a brief overview of what the outcome would look like when the Balancing Cycles are added at the end of month 6, rather than following the 360th day of the festival count.  In this teaching, much more information will be given as […]

5.11 John 7 Yahusha & the Jews Feast of Tabernacles (Part 3)

Full Teaching 5.11 PART 3 https://youtu.be/hGNASwHCGkg In Part 3 we are going to take a very serious look at the lunar calendar of the unbelieving Jews and where the fall feasts occur alongside the covenant calendar and the fall feasts.  A side by side comparison is going to show exactly what day of the week […]

5.10 John 7 Yahusha & the Jews Feast of Tabernacles Part 2

Full Teaching 5.10 PART 2 https://youtu.be/KSht6YIheKI Parts 2 and 3 of John 7 go together.  The Part 2 portion of the study lays the foundation for what is to be found in part 3, so don’t skip this study.  While the Torah reads that all males are required to attend the festivals at Jerusalem, does […]

5.9 John 7 – Yahusha & the Jews Feast of Tabernacles (Part 1)

Full Teaching 5.9 pART 1 https://youtu.be/4xjjiXBTksw John is the favorite Gospel for many people for various reasons.  Why is this?  At Covenant Calendar Club, we know why John is a favorite Gospel for just about every calendar teaching.  This is because John records details of many events that the synoptic Gospels are completely silent on.  […]

5.8 Yahuah’s Cloud & the Lunar Sabbath – Num 10

Yahuah’s Cloud & the Lunar Sabbath – Num 10 Did you know that the Scriptures give every needed detail to know for sure if the Pillar of Cloud in Numbers 10 actually commanded the observance of a lunar based Shabbat? If not, “Come and See”! Shalom! With so many different festal calendars out there, there […]

5.7 Tequfah & Sundials 101

Tequfah & Sundials 101 Tequfah & Sundials 101 The Tequfah (equinox) is a Celestial Event designed by Yahuah as a sign for determining time.  There are two tequfah’s each year – known as the vernal equinox and autumnal equinox.  When determining the “year-start” for Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar, it is the day of the spring tequfah […]

5.6 Daniel 9 & Midst of the Week

Teaser 5.6 https://youtu.be/W0xUnJAConYThe phrase “midst of the week” from Daniel 9:27 has a lot of different explanations. Some feel the timeframe is only on one prophetic level that calculates the 70 weeks of prophetic time to 490 years of literal time. This timeline given by Daniel was for the express purpose for the leaders in […]

5.5 Joshua’s First Wavesheaf

Teaser 5.5 https://youtu.be/6g5wN023vhIIntro Mini Presentation to Joshua’s First Wavesheaf Did you know that the calculation date and placement of the Wavesheaf festival is a very controversial topic among the many festal calendars – whether they are lunar calendars, Enoch/Zadok calendars, or any other variety. How can this be? Why is it that many different studies […]

5.3 Yahusha’s Crucifixion Year

Teaser 5.1 https://youtu.be/ytGEe-UDomM5.3a Teaser – Yahusha’s Crucifixion Year – treat yourself to some thought provoking information – and see if you know the answers to questions that stem from the calendar study in the Gospels. Absolutely profound, to say the least, is the discovery of two calendars in the Gospels, yes, you read right! There is […]

5.2 The Bread of the Last Supper

5.2 The Bread of the Last Supper Full Teaching 5.1 https://youtu.be/tJWKEEqPozw In Part 2, the study is going to address the type of bread found on the supper table of the Last Supper. The question begins with: “Was this “artos bread” leavened, or unleavened” and how can we know for sure? But, then the next […]

5.1 The Date of the Last Supper

5.1 The Date of the Last Supper Full Teaching 5.1 It was a very important event, that evening when Yahusha sat down with His disciples to celebrate the last few moments of His life.  He had many things to share with them while there was still time.  The Upper Room was secured and a Last Supper […]

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