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If you are not sure where to start a good place is our moon series if you have some traditions of men to unlearn or think that the moon has anything to do with the start of the month then this is a great place to start.

It will challenge what you believe with the truth of the WORD and the Covenant Calendar found in Torah.

Not so fussed about the moon then jump straight into the Dawn Day Start Bundle further down the page and so on.

We have put these in an order to help give you a good foundation to build upon and if you sign up to our free zoom meetings you will have a chance to ask questions to our panel and join in the learning live each week.

Shalom May Yah Bless you as you study His WORD

Moon Series Bundle


A very detailed and indepth study on just why the moon has no part in Yahuah’s Calendar Count.  However, Yahuah has ordained the moon for a very important and special ordinance – along with being part of the fulfillment of prophetic signs at the end of time. 

Dawn Day Start Bundle


The following is a good order even though two Season 3 studies come before Seasons 1 & 2. 
There are approximately 40 DAWN day studies in the Scriptures.  The following list is a good place to begin while the other Dawn Day studies are continuing to be taught and uploaded into completed videos.

“Evening” & “Between the Evenings” Bundle


This series shows the importance of the word “evening” and why it is the foundational cornerstone to understanding the whole Covenant Calendar.  This series teaches from:

  1. a) Gen 1 – “ 1st Day of Creation”
  2. b) Lev 23 – “Day of Atonement”
  3. c) all Scriptures using the Hebrew term “Beyn ha Arbayim” [“between the evenings”]

WaveSheaf/Pentecost Bundle


Shows the proper placement of WaveSheaf and the correct Omer count to Pentecost as well as exposing several counterfeit festal calendars:

Year Start Bundle


Shows the proper commencement point for the Covenant Calendar year through a variety of areas:

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