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2.6 Historic Day Start Quotes

2.6 Historic Day Start Quotes [85]

Question you should be able to answer after doing this study

  1. What is the “Jewish Talmud” and who wrote them? Should the Talmud be used to find Yah’s “TRUTH”?
  2. What is the Halakah and who wrote it?
  3. Is the Kabbalistic interpretation something we should look to for the Truth?
  4. Give the definition of “plethora.”
  5. Give the definition of “Homiletical Subterfuge.”
  6. What is Jewish Mishnah?
  7. Under what influence did Judah come to follow Sunset theory?
  8. A change was made in history from Yahuah’s day commencement at “dawn” to “evening after sunset.” Approximately, what year did that great change occur?  And who influenced this?
  9. In what Scripture did the priest turn their back to the temple and give honor to Tammuz sun worship?
  10. How many cultures recognized the day begins at sunrise”?
  11. What is a “JEW” and what is a “Hebrew/Israel”?

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