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2.12 Lot’s Daughters & Jonahs Worm

2.12 Lots Daughters & Jonahs Worm [42]

This study will combine two testimonies for another look at Creation’s Day-start according to Lot’s daughters in the Torah,

AND Jonah’s experience with Nineveh and an interesting worm.  The story of Lot takes place about 1900 BC, with Jonah’s experience around 860 BC.  

We will examine if Yahuah changed His mind on Dawn’s Creation Day-start after 1040 years had passed between these two testimonies.

Question you should be able to answer after doing this study

  1. How does “next day” apply to the Dawn Day start – or – Sunset Theory using H4283 <mochorath>.
  2. Why did Lot’s daughters make him drink strong drink? What was their purpose?
  3. What two nations came out of these two daughters?
  4. Define “last night” by Hebrew definitions and how it leads to what Lot’s daughters planned the next day.
  5. How is the Hebrew word H8543 <te-mowl> explaned in Scripture? Dawn day-start? … or … Sunset Theory day-start?
  6. In this study how many examples are given for the word H4283 <mochorath> and how does it apply to the Dawn Day start of Sunset day start Theory?
  7. What happened to Jonah on the “next day” in verse 4:7 and did that happen with the <H7837/shachar> or <ereb>?
  8. How does Yahuah’s mercy connect to Jonah’s worm? And how doe it align with dawn day-start?
  9. In the testimony of Jonah, a “crimson worm” (H8438/Towla) is mentioned. Where is this worm referenced in other parts of Scripture and how does it apply to Yahusha?

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