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4.12 Num 9 – 2 Months 2 Passover Feasts

Numbers 9 is the chapter that gives the instructions of what the requirements are if one misses the 1st Passover. 

The individual can still celebrate Passover on the 14th day of the 2nd month  they missed the 1st Passover

(1) due to being in contact with a dead body, or
(2) on a long journey. 
This command was given long after the blood-ratified everlasting laws in the Book of the Covenant – something that must be noted.  
Other than these 2 provisions, there was no excuse for missing the 1st Passover.

This study moves into the events of King Hezekiah and their remarkable celebration of Passover over 700 years after the Numbers 9 event.  

Did King Hezekiah follow the prescribed protocol?  Was the nation blessed for the decisions they made? 

A short comparison must be made to King Jeroboam and his own ideas of the celebration of Feast of Tabernacles.  He moved the feast – did he have a command from Yahuah to do this?  Was there any blessings that followed?

Today there are some that feel we can celebrate the 2nd month Passover IF we missed the first Passover for any reason.  

Yes, any reason!  

Is this correct according to Torah?

The next question that needs an answer is this:  
“Should the 2nd month Passover ever be celebrated since Yahusha died and ended all the laws given in the Book of the Law?”  
Could there be any possible exceptions to this?  
Take time to dig a little deeper and find the answers to these important questions.  That is, IF it is important to be following in the footsteps of our Master, Creator and King of the Universe, Yahusha ha Mashiach!

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