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1.6 Creation Day 1 Part 1

1.6 Creation Day 1 Part 1 [80]

Question you should be able to answer after doing this study

1.6 Creation Day 1 Part 1 [80]

  • In John 1:1-3 … we find “the Word” and all came to be through “Him.” Who is “Him”?
  • What was created in the beginning on day one?
  • Give the definition for the Hebrew word “Hayah.”
  • What was the 1st LIGHT visual on the scene of creation?
  • Whose face shone after he was in the presence of Yahuah?
  • Give the definition for the Hebrew word “tohu.”
  • The word “accretion” has a very specific meaning in what happened with Yahuah’s creation. Can you give a brief explanation of this?
  • On Day One of creation there are a series of definitions that portray the idea of the creation process. List 3 of those definitions.
  • Why should we be like the Bereans? And who were the Bereans?
  • Was Yahusha’s creation a “highly imperfect creation” on Day 1? And if it was, why” and if it was not, why?
  • Jeremiah 4:23 refers to a specific time in his prophecy. Is it the beginning or the end of time as we know it?
  • Give the definitions of and and how do they apply in Genesis 1?
  • In Genesis 1:2(a), list the key word here in what was happening?
  • What was Ruach Elohim (an action word) … what was Ruach Elohim doing over the water and what happens in this action in Gen 1:2(b)?
  • Was Yahusha present on the 1st cycle of creation? (Luke 10:18 & Rev 12:4-9.)
  • Did Yahuah create everything suddenly? Where do we find confirmation of this in Scripture?
  • In Gen 1:3, was this light created? Where do we find the next time Yahuah creates?  (Look for the Hebrew word.)
  • What are the acceptable Hebrew words Yahuah gave to: 1) the Night Season   2) the contaminated darkness that had to be cleansed?
  • The description given in the first part of Gen 1:2 may sound like Yahuah’s creation was a highly imperfect creation on Day 1? And if it was, why and how?  And if it was now, why and how?
  • If Yahuah is a “Perfect Creator” can He create something that is imperfect?

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