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1.29 Oh the Moon Part 10 no gods

1.29 Oh the Moon Pt 10 no gods [97] CF

You will be blessed with this “Final Chapter” of The Moon! Oh the Moon Study..


  1. History: These are thousands of “no gods” worshipped in this world today.  List the 2 main

“no gods” that contend for worship?

  1. From A-dam to Noah, is there any Scriptural proof /or record of the Qodesh Patriarchs, worshipping the sun or the moon?
  1. Where and when did this pagan Apostasy begin among Yahuah’s people – and with whom? Where did the sun and moon worship get a foothold? Was it in the Torah books or much later?  Remember the Torah covers about 2550 years of history from Creation.
  1. When Judah opted out of allegiance to the Tequfah, another major effect happened. The worship was re-designed from whom to whom?  NOTE: In Latin Re-ligion means something is undone with the Creator!! So who’s worshiping who!! ??
  1. Quotes for Month Commencement #s 1-12 in this teaching: These quotes are from the counterfeit Talmud, etc. and are a contamination /Abomination in their purest form!! Who is the facilitator of all these LIES!!??
  1. Does the Talmud and its writers align with Torah or the TaNak?
  1. Is the 1st day of creation in the 1st month Abib/Spring of the Festal year, or is the 1st day of Creation in the 7th month Tisri /fall of the civil year?

       7(a) Is the 1st Day of Creation, also the 1st day of the 1st Month of the 1st year for this earth?

  1. What day are the Lights brought forth in Gen 1’s Creation week?
  1. 31:35 … What 2 Lights are linked to the 2 Great Lights and how does this align to Gen 1:14-16? You can only choose two.




  1. What Pagan Worship is all Christendom connected to today?
  1. What pagan worship are all “sunset-to-sunset” Sabbath Keepers connected to today?
  1. What pagan worship is Covenant Calendar Club connected to today? Here’s the answer:

Unequivocally:  NONE!!

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