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1.26 Oh the Moon Part 8 OT Hx

1.26 Oh the Moon Pt 8 OT Hx [113] CF



  1. H2320 <Chodesh>  Does this word have to come into alignment with Moses, Torah and Yahuah’s “New” Chodesh Month” or can we through, the “Mis” translators and tradition just be presumptions and say it’s for the “New Moon”?


  1. Can we be assured Psa. 24:3-4 is linked to Yahuah’s Blood Ratified Book of the Covenant commands to follow Yahuah’s Calendar “NOT MANS?


  1. Which is more deceptive, Moon worship or Sun worship? Which is practiced more?


  1. When did these pagan practices come into play, and where? Were any of Yahuah’s chosen people connected to pagan practices and pagan worship?


  1. Why are the 2 “TORAH” references about looking to the heavenly bodies [found in Deut. 4 & 17] deliberately ignored by Judaism? And why is the most important Command for Feast times left out of “their” 613 laws?


  1. The golden calf image is a replica of the “unholy trinity”! The image depicts 3 “no gods” … can you find all three and what/who do they represent?


  1. How many references in the TaNak are linked to pagan worship and how many chapters?


  1. What do the “Groves” represent in the Torah and TaNaK?


  1. The [Pope] wears an interesting hat on occasion. What pagan god does this hat represent?


  1. Why are people enticed to worship creation and not the CREATOR?

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