1.23 Oh the Moon Part 6 H2320 Scriptures

Moon part 6

1.23 Oh the Moon Pt 6 H2320 Scriptures [100] CF Why was the word for Month translated in our bibles as New Moon? Did you know that 5 Hebrew numbers have all been translated as the word Moon & New Moon. There is a HUGE difference between the words Moon and Month, this video will […]

1.20 Oh the Moon Part 5 H2320 Def & Lexicons

Moon part 5

1.20 Oh the Moon Pt 5 H2320 Def & Lexicons [78] CF Learn the true meaning of the word Moon in Non-torah books VS in the Torah (The books of Moses) https://youtu.be/HnmLWUhrNx4

1.19 Oh the Moon Part 4 H3391 Lux & Puzzles

Moon part 4

1.19 Oh the Moon Pt4 H3391 Lux & Puzzles [92] CF This teaching raises a serious question for you to decide; Could a “point” anything possibly be a set-apart number in our creator’s time clock? Is there any scriptural reference at all for using a 29.5 or a 27.3 day month? If you answered no, […]

1.18 Oh the Moon Part 3

Moon part 3

1.18 Oh the Moon Pt 3 [75] CF  Ancient word “Moonth” became the word “Month” and it means Month, not necessarily having anything to do with the physical moon… Humm, well imagine that.

1.17 Oh the Moon Part 2 Judge H3391 & H4150 Definitions

moon 2

1.17 Oh the Moon Pt 2 Judges H3391 &4150 Def [90] CF Is there a commandment commanding us to judge those using the moon to commence a month or start for a biblical holy day? In part 2 of The Moon study, we will breakdown & discuss the “5 types of the moon” written in […]

1.16 Oh the Moon Part 1 Intro & H3394

Moon #1 video

1.16 Oh the Moon Pt 1 Intro & H3394 [77] CF Learn what the bible says about “The Moon” & its regard if any to the biblical covenant calendar. This will be a in-depth study and is the first of the Moon study series.