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5.2 The Bread of the Last Supper

5.2 The Bread of the Last Supper

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In Part 2, the study is going to address the type of bread found on the supper table of the Last Supper. The question begins with: “Was this “artos bread” leavened, or unleavened” and how can we know for sure? But, then the next question is this: “Are both types of bread found in the upper room that evening of Abib 13”? And if there were both types of bread, which is which and what belongs to the Last Supper? As in Part 1, we depended on John’s Gospel to settle the question of the “date” for this Last Supper. In Part 2, we will be again depending on the many details in John’s account to settle the question of what is happening with “artos” bread – and there will be no questions once we get through all the details. This study does not directly address the “drink emblem” – which many feel can be, or … must be … fermented. However, the “drink in the cup” will follow the same pattern as the “bread” used during the Last Supper for the new emblems instituted by Yahusha on His last night with His disciples. It’s a long detailed study, but worth every bit, as you “Come and See!” Shalom!

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Many have questions at this time of the year as Passover is approaching and everything is being made ready to celebrate the ordinances of Yahusha’s Supper as He instituted with His disciples only a few hours before He was “the sacrifice” for each one of us.  It is getting to be more popular all the time for churches and assemblies to serve leavened bread and juice for these emblems.  What happened for so many churches to make this switch?  Didn’t our pioneers all understand that our Messiah’s Body can never be represented with “leavened products”?  In this short introduction, our question is this:  “Should not the gospel writer’s be able to give us clarity on the type of bread at this Last Supper?”  Or is it acceptable to find our answers on the internet and hope it is correct?  Perhaps this short introduction will help you formulate where the truth is to be found, so just “Come and See.”  Shalom!




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