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1.28 Oh the Moon Part 9 Judah’s

1.28 Oh the Moon Part 9 Judah’s Hx120 CF


Old Testament History



  1. The Sun Dial Miracle is listed 3 times in the Scriptures – a miracle worth paying attention to. Yahuah had a purpose for this miracle.  WHAT WAS the main purpose for the sun going back 10 degrees?


  1. Who was Yahuah’s Last Great Reformer?


  1. Which Tribe was responsible for “Guarding “the Sacred” Oracles of Yahuah? Did this tribe do a good job?  Did this tribe “obey” the “Sacred Oracles”?


  1. Who is responsible for removing the Keys of Knowledge?


  1. Did Hezekiah make the right choice for the sun to go backwards 10 degrees?


  1. What would have happened if the shadow would have moved “Forward” 10 degrees? What would have happened to the length of the civil year?


  1. The Sundial Miracle … did it effect the Lunar Phases and length of the lunar Cycle – and how?


  1. What did (Judah) bring back from Babylon, and how do they follow it today?


  1. What is going on with the Geographical context of Isa 9? Is it talking about Galilee, the area of the tribes Naphtali, Zebulon?  What/Who was the “Great Light,” that came to that land about 80 miles north of Judah spoken of in Matt 4:13-16? … Where was the shadow of Death in the land of Israel – name the tribe?


  1. Does Judah, or any man, “ever” have authority over Yahuah’s Blood Ratified “Covenant” Calendar?

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