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5.6 Daniel 9 & Midst of the Week

Teaser 5.6

The phrase “midst of the week” from Daniel 9:27 has a lot of different explanations. Some feel the timeframe is only on one prophetic level that calculates the 70 weeks of prophetic time to 490 years of literal time. This timeline given by Daniel was for the express purpose for the leaders in Judah to teach the people when to expect the arrival of their Messiah. Even though this message was really not taught by the leaders – in fact a curse was put on any that wanted to study this prophecy – it is still true that our Messiah did “show up” during the last prophetic week of 7 literal years. This would be years 483-490. So, the “midst of the week” would split those 7 years into two segments of 3½ years. The question is this: “Did our Messiah actually arrive at that time, or not?” That is only one application of this phrase “midst of the week” … but there is another application on a 2nd level that aligns our Saviour’s sacrifice ON the “middle day/cycle” of a literal week of 7 days. Could that “day/cycle” be a Friday? Could it be Good Friday? If not, why not? However, this study is not a debate on “which day/cycle” Yahusha gave His Passover sacrifice, but rather – when did His Passover day begin – was it at sunset, midnight, or was it at dawn light? With a sunset day-start, where will the marker be for the “midst of the week” when the sacrifices and oblations were to cease? This is the prophetic marker that identifies the TRUE Messiah. If you don’t know, then “Come

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