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1.7 Creation Week Pt 2

1.7 Creation Week Pt 2

Question you should be able to answer after doing this study

  1. What is the sequential order of Gen 1:1-5?
  2. Is Yahuah a Creator that does things with confusion? Is He the Creator of perfection, or imperfection?
  3. The Gap Theory of 1000 years – where is it found in Scripture? Are there 3 witnesses?
  4. Define “sonoluminescence.”
  5. What was the 1st thing that Yahuah restored in Gen 1:3?
  6. What does an ox have to do with the start of Yahuah’s 24 hr cycle?
  7. An “ox ploughing a straight line in the soil” has a special connection to day-start. What is it?
  8. During the Night/Layil – this season of time passes by unannounced in the days of the creation week. Did anything occur during this Night Season?  did Yahuah create anything during these Night Seasons of Gen 1?
  9. Does Yahuah need 1000 years between Gen 1:1 and Gen 1:2 to fix what s.a.tan destroyed?
  10. How does Dan 9:27 apply to day four of creation?
  11. What is the “lesser light” in Gen 1 on the 4th day of Creation? The moon? … or the Mazzaroth?

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