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4.19 Introduction to Secular Historical Quotes

Introduction to Secular Historical Quotes

Full Teaching 4.19

After 4 years of teaching many studies around the blood-ratified Covenant Calendar of Yahuah, and also after presenting many studies of Torah’s day-start in the morning, it is now time to “look and see” if there is any secular historical content that aligns with Torah rather than the traditional sunset commencement that most of us were taught.

With the internet all around us at the touch of a button, the internet is being used as a source of information to answer many Scriptural questions including those of the festal calendar.  Some of the answers may be true, but most of them might be completely false.  Not all of the information can be 100% correct.  So, how is one to determine if the internet is providing true or false information?  After all, it is only information!

 The same question can be asked about secular historical documents.  Thanks to the Web, secular historical evidence is more abundant than ever before.  When addressing questions around the calendar topic, there must be some caution before an examination of any material on the internet, or the acceptance of any historical documents.  One important point to remember is this:  unless one has a very good working knowledge of what the Scriptures teach in the area of Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar, it will be difficult to discern truth from error in any source outside of Scripture.

Since Jan 2018 ample evidence has been provided through the Covenant Calendar studies so that everyone can know exactly when Yahuah intended for every day to begin – precisely at the moment of dawn twilight, or the “break of day.”  With that Scriptural tool, all should be equipped to investigate secular historical quotes to see if they are in alignment with what Torah claims for the day commencement.  In this teaching, each one will have the opportunity to exercise and apply their Scriptural skills.  Along with that, we will see there are many conscientious theologians who tried to preserve Yah’s morning day-start through the ages for “such a time as this.”  Come and test your skills with Torah. 

Teaser 4.19a

This is a very short study as an introduction to the larger study offering many secular historical quotes from a variety of sources to show that the dawn-day start was never lost over eons of time.  So many people can hear the Torah truth of the Dawn day commencement, and be almost convinced – when invariably the next question that arises is:  “Where is the secular historical documentation to support this teaching”?  Friend, is that the way it works?  Does Torah need support from secular historical sources to be established as truth?  Are many people just respecting Jewish authority without thinking about what is going on?  Did you know that “such unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth”?  In this study you’ll find out just “who” said that, and hopefully with the full study, each one will realize a lot of thought must be given before we support any Bible leader with our respect.  This short study will offer a quote from 1981 – from a Rabbi – showing the day begins in the morning.  However, the last paragraph of the paper has a great sadness.  View this study to find out what that could be, and seek Yahuah’s truth and shalom on this important topic. 



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