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6.3 Creation’s Curtain Call Gen 1v1

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The first verse of Genesis is one of those verses that many do not know what to do with. In fact, most people (including many scholars and theologians), believe Gen 1:1 is just an introductory verse to the Creation Week! Well, we understand why many people “think that” and “go no further than that” … for a very simple reason. They don’t know what else to do! In this teaching every letter of the Paleo Hebrew word will be broken open with deeper meaning into what is actually happening in this verse. The word “beginning” (b-rashith) has such a depth of meaning in the Paleo Hebrew that one would never glean out of the English word “beginning.” So what does all of this mean? If Gen 1:1 is not properly understood, then it is very difficult to properly understand verse 2 and also the 4th day of creation. Another important word to pay attention to is “created” (Hebrew: Bara/Bra). There will be some follow-up studies to continue into verse 2. But before that, do “Come and See” a bit of what Gen 1:1 has to offer.

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