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4.14 King Josiah Reinstates the Passover

In this study – which many believed is just a simple dawn day commencement study – King Josiah’s testimony has some surprises for everyone.  Yes, in more ways than one King Josiah confirms (about 800 years after Moses died) that the day start is at “break of dawn [boqer]” – in fact we shall go further to say the “sunset theory” for day-start is absolutely only a theory.  This is for two reasons:  (1)  Under King Josiah the priests are still offering Passover sacrifices (on Passover day) up UNTIL NIGHT.  Obviously, sunset did not change the “day” nor the “date” from Abib 14 to Abib 15.  Not one Passover sacrifice was offered on the High Shabbat of Unleavened Bread (which would be a violation of Torah). 
But that is not all.  There is a 2nd reason this testimony proves the dawn day start – and that is found by a very close examination of the Hebrew phrase “beyn ha arbayim” – which is written as “between the evenings” in English.  This phrase is found 11 times, and found ONLY in Torah. 

 Previous studies have shown the English should really read:  “between the mixings” – but even at that many do not understand the strong implications around this phrase.  

You’ll be in for a treat when you see how this interesting and controversial phrase unfolds the Creation day-start beautifully.  Indeed, there are no idle words in Scripture.  This testimony of King Josiah has been preserved for a very special reason.  

Come and See!

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