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2.15 Song of Joshua’s Sickle Part 2

2.15 Song of Joshua’s Sickle Pt 2 [59]

Yes! We’re speaking of Joshua son of Nun, that very brave leader who walked in Moses’ shoes to lead Yahuah’s people into Canaan – following the instructions necessary to endear the people to their Highest Elohim, Yahuah! “Is Yahuah’s ‘anti-type’ based on Enoch’s Sickle”? This week at Covenant Calendar Club we will continue with Part 2 of the study on the Song of Joshua’s Sickle – We will be addressing the question: “Is Yahuah’s ‘anti-type’ based on Enoch’s Sickle”? This study continues with Joshua as he led Israel into the land of Canaan – and for the first time in over 40 years, the people were excited and anxious to see, feel, smell and taste the grain of this new land. How many of us would be hungry for some real leavened bread after eating manna over 40 years? It’s very possible they could hardly wait. But wait they must, as there were very special instructions before any of the grain could be touched for their own desires. All this and much more was discussed in Part 1. The review will be very short before delving into the next exciting portion. If you have not seen part 1, it is Highly Recommended to take some time now, before entering into Part 2,  A thought to consider in the next few days: Was Israel allowed to touch the “new or old” grain of Canaan so they could have unleavened bread to go along with the Passover meal? This was addressed in Part 1, but there were still some that had questions in this area at the end of the study session. Perhaps we should address this again. We would like to hear your thoughts on this or any other related questions after the study.

 Remember – there is only one TRUE Covenant Calendar among the many counterfeits. How many errors can counterfeit festal calendars maintain before they are definitely labeled as a counterfeit? Would one error (or deviation from Torah teaching) seal the fate of any counterfeit calendar? If that is the case, then the calendars of Enoch / Zadok can no longer hope to qualify for Yahuah’s true Covenant Calendar! How much more evidence will be found to verify this fact as we continue the study? As this study series investigates more into this controversial topic, also remember this: It only takes ONE error to disqualify any calendar from maintaining the title of THE everlasting Blood-ratified Covenant Calendar of Yahuah! Covenant Calendar based in the Covenant Torah pages between Gen 1:1 to Exo 24:11 has the last word! If you are wondering about some of these things, then: “Come and see” as we venture on this journey together.

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