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3.3 Bible Hermeneutics EGYPT’S LOCUST PLAGUE OF EXODUS 10 – PART 1

3.3 Bible Hermeneutics - Egypt's Locust Plague of Exodus 10 - Part 1

This week we will begin the groundwork for the Exodus 10 Locust Plague study that has been prepared But, this study will start out a bit different, as she demonstrates in a most fascinating way Biblical Hermeneutics (or rules) that are helpful for any kind of Bible study. The Locust study is a DAWN day study, so there will also be a bit of preparation for Part 2 of the study that will follow.

Question you should be able to answer after doing this study

  1. Does the book of Job ever hint at the fact that Job mixes “Yahuah’s instructions with the traditions of men”?
  2. In Isa 5:20, who were the ones that changed “light” for “darkness” and “bitter for sweet”? also what is this verse conveying?
  3. Can man change what Yahuah has created and placed in covenant? what do Job and Isaiah call people who do this?
  4. Natural law (which the animals obey) and order under Moral Law are what we are to follow. Are Yahuah’s Natural Laws as given to man the same as man’s laws & traditions?
  5. Hermeneutics: between Dawn Format/Sunset Theory … in Exodus 10 concerning the locust event, which one is correct?  Give a short explanation.
  6. How many times in Scripture can you find: H216 and H3915?  Give a brief definition of each.

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