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1.23 Oh the Moon Part 6 H2320 Scriptures

1.23 Oh the Moon Pt 6 H2320 Scriptures [100] CF

Why was the word for Month translated in our bibles as New Moon? Did you know that 5 Hebrew numbers have all been translated as the word Moon & New Moon. There is a HUGE difference between the words Moon and Month, this video will help you to know the difference.



  1. How do we find and stay on Yahuah’s “Time” … not man’s counterfeit times?


  1. Should the Bride of Yahuah / Yahusha by in sync with Yahuah / Yahusha or man’s vain traditions?
  2. Who took away the keys to Yahuah’s Shaneh / Perfect Calendar?


  1. Which month renews at the end of 30 days and which month rebuilds at the end of its phase? Is it Yahuah’s festal month?  … Or the moon month?


  1. Can the word Qodesh define the word moon?


  1. If the word moon is in italics in the KJV, should we investigate further?


  1. Does Moses’ Book of the Law or Book of the Covenant, in Torah, designate any phase of the moon to commence Yahuah’s months?


  1. What are the ONLY 4 verses in the Books of Moses that relate to the moon?


  1. In 1 Chron there is a chapter that points to 12 captains. How does this point to 12

Calendar months, and is there a (13th) month in the Torah, Torah, Torah?


  1. List the 3 Scriptures that point to King Hezekiah’s Sundial Miracle, and why was the Shadow to go backward 10 degrees? What would have happened with the year cycle if the Shadow went forward 10 degrees?

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