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2.14 The Sickle Exposes Enoch Part 1

2.14 The Sickle Exposes Enoch Pt 1 [95]

Yes! We’re speaking of Joshua son of Nun, that very brave leader who walked in Moses’ shoes to lead Yahuah’s people into Canaan – following the instructions necessary to endear the people to their Highest Elohim, Yahuah!
What is to be gained from this series?  
Here’s a hint from Paul B in the United Kingdom, someone Charlene believe’s to – a fellow Covenant Calendar truth seeker.  
He just shared this thought linking to Deut 32:20 & Matt 17:17:  “If [the words] Cure, Faithless, and Perverse, are studied, it shows [the end result of] “Cause” is because Instructions are not being carried out in that generation.  
YAHusha mentions Time.  How Long shall I be with You?  How LONG shall I suffer you?  [Result:]  Restoration of all things will cause cultural Health amongst, all.”  Thank you Paul for those thoughts!  They are profound!
This aligns with:  1 John 1:7  “But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another …”  Fellowship?  What is fellowship?  With our Creator?  Is fellowship not part of a relationship?  
Does fellowship with THE “Light and Life of this world” not strengthen and endear our relationship with Yahusha?  Of course it does!  1 John 1:6 focuses on “Fellowship With HIM.”  It is our Master’s desire to bring each one of His children into union and communion with Him … for what?  Fellowship!  Relationship!  And … Restoration in all areas, health being one of those blessings.

So “what in the world does Covenant Calendar have to do with restoration to our Messiah, King of the Universe and Highest Priest?”
The answer is: “EVERYTHING!”
The incident of the golden calf experience at Mt Sinai did not only break many divine commands, it also severed THE very “relationship” that would have sustained the restoration needed to “maintain that relationship between Yahuah and His people” in the best way possible.  
At the golden calf [Exo 32:4-5]:  ANOTHER god was worshipped; ANOTHER worship time was proclaimed; ANOTHER feast day was honored for another god. 
The proclamation was made in verse 4:  “This is your god, O Israel, that brought you out of the land of Egypt!”  In the next verse Aaron’s proclamation was:  “Tomorrow is a feast to the LORD.”  
AND THE REST IS HISTORY all because of worship that was followed using a counterfeit calendar for ANOTHER feast day!

The pattern is still the same today as it was over 3500 years ago. Yahusha said in John 4:22 … “You worship what you do not know …”  
That pattern also has not changed!  But, it very well could be more dangerous, with so many counterfeit calendars – ALL of them dictating exactly how the worship days (for Yahuah) must be calculated – for fellowship and relationship.  
This is why it is time to take a closer look at some of the calendar characteristics of the Dead Sea Scrolls – the very calendars that are among the closest counterfeits to Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar today. 
If you are determined to worship your Creator of the Universe in sincerity and truth, most certainly you will want (and need) to know how to follow His calendar … not a close counterfeit.  
As this series studies into this controversial topic, do remember this:  
It only takes ONE error to disqualify any calendar from maintaining the title of THE everlasting Blood-ratified Covenant Calendar of Yahuah!   Covenant Calendar based in the Covenant Torah pages between Gen 1:1 to Exo 24:11 has the last word!

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