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1.17 Oh the Moon Part 2 Judge H3391 & H4150 Definitions

1.17 Oh the Moon Pt 2 Judges H3391 &4150 Def [90] CF

Is there a commandment commanding us to judge those using the moon to commence a month or start for a biblical holy day?

In part 2 of The Moon study, we will breakdown & discuss the “5 types of the moon” written in the scriptures.

This Study Will answer the following questions???

  1. How many time’s in Torah is H3394 moon>/yareach> used? Is this usage ever connected to the commencement of any of Yahuah’s Qodesh Feast Days?


  1. Will there be judgmental concerns from all the moon studies, from those who hear/ or from those who present it?


  1. Are Yahuah’s people allowed to judge words and actions of Torah believers that violate Torah commands?  Can we judge [the heart]?


  1. What 2 commands of Moses are not listed in the Rabbinical 613 commands that are supposed to include ALL of the COMMANDS of Moses?


  1. Give a detailed definition of the word “Worship”!


  1. Syncretism, what does it mean? Is syncretism still with us today?


  1. List 3 religious groups from the same area that have pagan symbols in their Re-ligion.


  1. Give a definition of the word ordinances from the Hebrew. (There may be more than one!)


  1. What are the 2 Great Lights in the heavens/Shamalayim?


  1. What is Yahuah’s mandate for the moon?


List the 2 Scriptures in the prophets that we are to give warning to others when they are in disobedience.  Are we to judge the life – or to judge the sin according to the Torah? 

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