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2.25 Joshua’s Sickle Part 6 Passion

2.25 Joshua’s Sickle Pt 6 Passion [87] TA CF

Last week we went through part 5 of Joshua’s Sickle –  a lot of impact to discover if it was possible for Yahusha to really become “unclean” and be delayed 7+ days before fulfilling His Wave Sheaf.

This week, we will enter into Part 6 going through the amazing facts from the Gospel Account.  

Should not the Gospels be able to tell us exactly “when” Yahusha fulfilled HIS Wave Sheaf?  

Yes, we must agree on this, but the next question is this:  Do the Gospels agree with Enoch’s teaching that Wave Sheaf has to be on Abib 26th, or at least in that area?

Certainly if there was any proof that Yahusha indeed was “unclean” – we could understand why there would be this 1 week delay to Wave Sheaf.  

Then the question is posed:  “Would a study on the Red heifer solve that problem as well”?  We’re sort of thinking so, but dear friends, that will not be the focus of the CCC study this week.  However there will be enough material to keep you on the edge of your seat.  

For those that are brand new to Covenant Calendar Club, we want to welcome you, and invite you to be part of our family & hope that you can follow part 6 of a very deep series.  

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