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3.14 Rev 12 Pure Woman Standing on the Moon

3.9 Rev 12 Woman Standing on the Moon [91] TA

Do you seek to follow our creator’s COVENANT CALENDAR or the traditions of men?

The true meaning of the phrase “Under Foot” is one of a position. It clearly denotes a position of authority, or in this case a lack of it. With the instructions to demolish Moon City (aka Jericho) 1:08:41 it’s needless to say, that followers of YHWH should never use the moon as seasonal markers… See Joshua 5.13-6.27, taking special note to 6.18.



In this Study you will learn the answers to the following questions ???

1. Who is the Woman Standing on the Moon? & what is her name? Who does she represent?

2. What does the crown of 12 stars on her head represent? There are two answers to this question!

3. Does the Woman Standing on the (Moon) mean, (like syncranized (Friday) Sabbath Keepers teach). That the moon is in charge of Yahuah’s Mo-edim Appointed times? Yes_____ No______ What then is Mo-edim?

4. Or is the Woman Standing above the moon and not with Her Feet on the moon! Does this put the moon in a position of authority or submission?

5. What is the purpose of the woman being “clad” with the sun, does this put the sun in a position of authority?

6. The Woman Standing on the Moon, is this for her foundational platform for her to follow the pattern of the moon for Yahuah’s Mo-edim times?

7. According to the [Rabbis] they add a 13th month to make their calendar work. On the Woman’s head there is a crown of 12 stars! Where is the 13th star? Why are there not 13 stars on the Woman’s head?

8. Where in scripture is the 13 month mentioned? Or is this TRADITION?

9. Power of Authority “OR” Power Relinquished – give 2 examples of power relinquished with the word “Under” using 2 scriptures and explain this authority!

10. What are Yahuah’s thoughts on the month in charge of his Mo-edim days in Isa 1:12-14; Amos 5:21; Hosea 2:11; give a brief detail.

11. Isa.1:16 says: Stop doing evil! What is this evil that is being done in Yahuah’s presence?

12. Isa 2:2 What does the Mountain in this scripture represent?

13. Was this mountain in place when Yahusha was living on the earth?

14. What is Yahuah’s Mo-edim that will be Re-Established toward Yahusha’s return? And how will we know?

15. Jer. 6:16 Yahuah tells everyone to Walk, Ask for the Old Paths and follow them! What is He talking about? How did the people respond to Jeremiah? Should we follow in their example?

16. Isa 58:12 What are the old waste places that are going to be raised UP?

17. Isa. 58:12 What and who are to be the Repairers of the Breach? And what is the Breach that needs repair?

18. Rev 12:1 Does this Bride OVERCOME ALL the pagan traditions in the end?

19. Rev 12:17 Why is the dragon so enraged with this woman?

20. Does Yahuah’s “BLOOD RATIFIED” Covenant Calendar have any darkness in it? 1 Thess 5:14 Paul addresses the brother’s are not in darkness, WHAT Darkness?

21. In the Covenant Calendar Moon Series, the word Lunatic applies to those who believe the LIE and are under strongholds. What pagan idols have the same strongholds?

22. Bethula’s Victory! Rev 12:1 has overcome, and trampled underfoot. What is trampled under the feet of the Bride of Yahuah?

23. What’s going to happen to those who re-establish the ways of Jericho?

24. Who is the author of confusion?

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