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2.24 Joshua’s Sickle Part 5

2.24 Joshua’s Sickle Pt 5 unclean [56]

Was it possible for Yahusha to become “unclean” and be delayed 7+ days before fulfilling His Wave Sheaf Offering to the Father?

The last time we visited the continuing study on Joshua’s Sickle versus Enoch’s calendar was about 8 weeks ago as Part 4 when we also examined several different counterfeit Omer counts.  

Well, Enoch’s Omer count also has to be analyzed to see if it is in alignment with Torah including the calendar years of Moses (Passover) and Joshua (entrance into Canaan).

There are some Enoch teachers that claim Yahusha was “unclean” after His death – therefore needed cleansing before He could fulfill the Wave Sheaf Torah statute.  

Even though this claim may not be found in the Book of Enoch, it is a claim that is widely accepted in Enoch calendar circles.  

Because Enoch’s Wave Sheaf is always offset at least one week from the Torah command.

This week there will be an investigation if there is any truth in such a statement declaring Yahusha was unclean.  If you really are not sure about this answer, maybe this week’s lesson will be helpful.

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