with Tim and Charlene & the CCC members

Yahs Plan for Our Restoration

April, Maxi and Sharon have been busy on their presentation to answer these questions when we seek deliverance during challenging times:  What does it mean to send up praise FIRST instead of talking negatively about what the enemy is up too?  Should we today be praying against the evil of this world, or praying to be protected from the evil of the world?  The world is going to get continually evil more and more from here on … Is it Yah’s plan to get us to the end without the full face of evil being exposed?  How do we manage this new criteria, and how do we help others as they face this new walk?  Many of them will not have the faith to get them through.  What is our commission to help them?  Is there a restoration message for them as well?  How do we share that to bring them comfort and peace?  **

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