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4.8 Ruth’s Reply

4.8 Ruth's Reply [26] LD-CF 26 June 2021

While Ruth lived in Moab before being a member of Naomi’s family, do you think she followed any kind of a special calendar for worship purposes? Would the worship calendar of Moab be the same as Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar Naomi was following?
This story takes place during the time of the barley and the wheat harvest. Which grain was Ruth gleaning? Would this give the reader an indication of what time of the year this story takes place?
Will the events of this calendar testimony have a forward progressive movement on a Sunset day-start – or – on a Dawn day-start? The “forward progressive movement of the events” will only work on “one” option. Which one is it?
Ruth becomes the great grand-mother of King David who loved Yahuah with all of his heart, along with loving His Torah. Would King David also honor the blood-ratified Covenant Calendar kept/honored for generations before him?

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