with Tim and Charlene & the CCC members

Freedom For Todd

Please address your written letters to 

Governor Jared Polis
Colorado State Capitol
200 East Colfax
Denver, Colorado 80203

 Suggested points to consider in your short letter

I would like to petition you for my Friend Todd Aurit release 

I have know Todd for many years and know he is remorseful and sorry

Todd would be a positive asset to many people upon his release

He has the support of CCC National and International

His heart longs to do only those things that please the Heavenly Father

He wants to have a new life and a relationship with his 3 sons and heal the wounds.

Todd  told his mom he is a broken man

He wants health and healing in his body again as has not gotten the medical treatment he needs.

Covid is rapid in the facility and Todd has an autoimmune disease and is a death sentence if he contacts it.

Ask for a special needs release because of his health

He needs to be there for his mother and reconnect with her and take care of her as she is in her 80s
This mother-son relationship is different and spiritually strong.
She has waited 17 years for Todd’s release and she longs every day for a new start for both of them. 


These are the kinds of things that should be put in a letter to the governor. 

Just add to each statement in your own words.  Doesn’t need to be long – just to the point

please scan and email the letter to [email protected]

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