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1.20 Oh the Moon Part 5 H2320 Def & Lexicons

1.20 Oh the Moon Pt 5 H2320 Def & Lexicons [78] CF Learn the true meaning of the word Moon in Non-torah books VS in the Torah (The books of Moses)



  1. There are only 20 verses in Scripture that have the term “new moon[s].” How many of these 20 verses show without any doubt that Yahuah’s festal month begins with any phase of the moon?
  1. H2330 <Chodesh> … is this word understood by Moshe and the Torah as the guideline for the renewal of Yah’s festal month?    Yes___________        No___________


  1. Have we been in indoctrinated by the De-facto teaching authority that H2320 automatically means [moon]?
  1. Give percentages of how many Scriptures use H2320 to align with the [moon] and what percentage of the Scriptures designates H2320 to align with [month]?
  1. Is the moon on circuits or phases?
  1. Should the term “new moon” ever be connected to definitions for <Chodesh>? Should the new moon be removed from this definition in the Strong’s Concordance?  Why or why not?
  1. Do Yahuah’s months renew or rebuild?
  1. Who was James Strong and who did he align his translations with? Was it the Satanist

Westcott and Hort and their seminaries cohorts?


  1. Who and what denominations and religions worship the Sun?
  1. List the 7 pagan names for the names of the days for the week. Should we use these words?
  1. The “Feasts” of the “Beast”- follow what pagan deities for their worship?

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