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6.1 Day of Atonement in a Quandry

Atonement Evening Quandry

Full Teaching In this short study on the timing of Day of Atonement, we hope that you will see what the quandary is with the sunset theory idea of day-start. Is it really true that sunset theory demands that the 9th day of the 7th month has TWO evenings? If you want to know, then […]

2.10 Between the Evenings Leviticus 6

2.10a Gram 101 Pt 5 Btwn the mixings 16 Aug 2019

2.10 Between the Evenings Lev 6 [51] The verse says;  It is the glory of Alohim to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter. ~ Proverbs 25:2 Our search this week continues as we dive into Lev 6:20  This is the offering of Aaron and of his sons, which they shall […]

2.9 Between the Evenings

2.9 Gram 101 Pt 4 BtE 26 July 2019

2.9 Between the Evenings Grammar 101 Part 4 {97] This Teaching we will begin to unravel the secrets that are held in this “mysterious” phrase of “beyn ha arbayim” (or: “between the evenings” in English). Yes, we did break this topic open in early 2018, but now it is time to completely unravel these puzzle […]

2.5 Grammar 101 Part 2-3

2.5 Grammar 101 Pt 2 -3 [90] Part 1 laid down some Bible study skills for understanding how to use some basic study tools and grammar skills. – SKILLS for ANY TOPIC.  We used these skills to examine some of the definitions in Gen 1:5 for the first day of creation, and the first definitions […]

2.2 The Hebrew Evening

Hebrews 2.2

2.2 The Hebrew Evening [42] https://youtu.be/g72JvU32aPI Question you should be able to answer after doing this study How many units are named by Yahuah as part of the 1st cycle [24 hr day] of the week? What are the Hebrew Names of these individual units? What is the correct order of these units for the […]

2.1 Grammar 101 & Gen 1 Hebrew Study Skills Part 1

2.1 Gram 101 Pt 1 May 3 2019

2.1 Grammar 101 & Gen 1 Hebrew Study Skills Pt 1 [75] BC CF https://youtu.be/rr439FOOfyQ Question you should be able to answer after doing this study To study Scripture properly, do we need to look to contents/context and the definitions of Hebrew meanings? Give a short explanation as to why! When does Yahuah’s day begin […]

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