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1.16 Oh the Moon Part 1 Intro & H3394

1.16 Oh the Moon Pt 1 Intro & H3394 [77] CF

Learn what the bible says about “The Moon” & its regard if any to the biblical covenant calendar.

This will be a in-depth study and is the first of the Moon study series.


​ 1. The Moon is in charge of a month, “But” is it in charge of Yahuah’s Set Apart Feast & Festival Cycles? _______Yes _______No

2. How do we explain Psa.104:19? Give a short explanation.

3. The Foundations of Scriptural Truth must be found where?

4. To the law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word … What are the missing words that finish off the verse in Isa. 8:20?

5. Where in Scripture do we find the complete foundation of Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar? Where is the first place in Scripture to find the commencement for Day Start?

6. List the Ten definitions of “testimony H8584” (Isa 8:20) and how these must conform to the five books of Torah.

7. When does Yahuah’s civil year start? & when does Yahuah’s Festal year start?

8. Are there any witnesses in Torah that say the moon is the start of the month?

9. What non-Torah book also qualifies for the Torah timeframe of events from Gen 1:1 to the death of Moses? What does this book have to say about giving sacred regard to the heavenly bodies to set the appointed times of worship?

10. List 12 Patriarchs, Prophets, & Kings that did not follow the Moon Month Calendar?

11. If a teaching is not found in Scripture, how did it get to where it should be practiced, as if it were always practiced?

12. Is there one place in the Scriptures that place the moon in charge of Yahuah’s Set-Apart-Times?

13. Why was Jericho destroyed? And what were the people doing in Jericho for it to be destroyed?

14. What does scripture say about rebuilding these places that are an image of Jericho?

15. Who are the “Karaites” today and how do they worship? Give a brief explanation!

16. Karaites, Hindus, Egyptians, Rabbinic Jews, Messianic Jews, all adopted objects in the sky for veneration … what are these objects?

17. Did King Hezekiah’s sun dial move forward or backwards to create the events of the lunar cycles & lengths of the month and what was the reason this had to happen?

18. From this teaching, who was this “demarcation” given too?

19. Upon return to Jerusalem (536 BC) Judah was supposed to leave the pagan ways behind them. Did They?

20. How many Hebrew word numbers for one moon? List these Hebrew words & give a brief definition of each Hebrew word.

21. List 2 Torah commands given by Moses that are warnings about lifting our eyes to the moon for purposes of worship.

22. What does Job say in Ch. 31: 26-28 about looking at the moon?

23. H3394 Strong’s (Yareach): Is there one scripture that points to the moon for Yahuah’s Festal Set Apart Feasts?

24. Moses: Did Not use the moon one single time for very good reasons! List 3 reasons

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