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2.22 The Date of the Last Supper Part 2

2.22 The Date of the Last Supper Pt 2 [82 ]CF

Last week in Part 1 of  “The Last Supper” we uncovered the mysterious question of whether or not the “bread” at the table of the Last supper was unleavened or not. 

This week we will be taking a closer look at another “calendar timing portion” of this Last Supper to determine exactly WHAT day this important event happened.  The choices in this study are Abib 13 or Abib 14.  We will also “look and see” if the Gospels are all in agreement.
Do we expect for them to agree?  Yes, of course we should expect exactly that!  
But, what if they seem or appear NOT to agree?  Then what?

Well, just as last week -with the issue over the “type of bread” – we found it was the Gospel of John that had the answers to break the riddle.  

Will John come to the rescue again this week, or do we have to look somewhere else in this detective search?

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