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4.11 Yahusha’s Crucifixion Year – Part 2

Everyone, here is the mini version video presentation for Part 2 of the Calendar Crunch when it comes to the proper timing of the crucifixion events of our Messiah. (The last study [Part 1 & related mini versions] was removing the Rubble of Tradition – do check it out.)  The long detailed study for Part 2 will follow shortly, but if you have not heard of this “Calendar Crunch” that is absolutely verified in the Gospels without a shadow of any doubt, you’ll want to dedicate a few minutes of your time to check this out – with your open Bible beside you.  What is the “big news”?  If you have not seen either the shorter editions (yes 2 of them) and the long detailed study for Part 1, then you do not know there are 2 calendars in the Gospels.  Yes, Yahusha observes the Torah festivals on His Covenant Calendar, with the counterfeit calendar of the unbelieving Jews

 tracked down by the very words of the illegitimate high priest of the corrupt system in Judah. the time of Yahusha’s final Passover and sacrifice, these 2 calendars are offset by only 12 hours – yes, that means that the counterfeit lunar calendar begins its Abib 14 day 12 hours AFTER Abib 14 on the Covenant Calendar.  Put on your “calendar glasses” and come and see.

This is the very detailed study that will definitely crunch the year CE 30 for the Yahusha’s crucifixion.  In Part 1 a thorough examination was conducted through the years CE 26-29 and 31-34 to see if there were any years that would support the “12 hour offset” between the timing of Yahusha’s Covenant Festal Calendar, and the lunar calendar in use at that time by the unbelieving Jews.  If you have not seen Part 1, then Part 2 will demonstrate very concisely that CE 30 is the ONLY year that qualifies – and that is according to the documentation in the Gospels.  What causes this separation and distinction between these two calendars?  It just so happens the lunar calendar very nearly aligns with Yahusha’s Covenant Calendar – but the lunar Abib 14 begins 12 hours AFTER Yahusha’s Abib 14 – and this is all due to the Dawn Day commencement.  But that is not all.  You will also see how the lunar calculation in that year for the events of the Passover week, including the Wave Sheaf day (1st cycle of the week) absolutely cannot 

qualify as the true festal calendar when it comes to the spices that the women had to purchase, prepare and bring to the tomb, AND also rest on the 2 Shabbats in that week. Come and see the details that have been provided by the Gospel writers – preserved for such a time as this, and to show beyond question that the Covenant Calendar is “THE” festal calendar Yahusha honored – from His days of creation.  Come and see IF you want to follow your Master in His walk through the everlasting Covenant Calendar.

Yahusha's Crucifixion Year - Part 1

With many different calendars all laying claim to a specific year of the crucifixion, which ones can ALSO claim full and complete alignment with the words of the Scripture? Better yet, which calendars can reveal total compliance and timing fulfillment with each and every text of the Passion Week? 

Which of these can accomplish a step by step pathway of the Lunar Calendar Passover of the Jews, and also, the Torah based Dawn to Dawn Passover of the Covenant, and still produce meticulous alignment with the Messianic Testament (New Testament) documentation? 

And if these proclaimers of the Faith can achieve a suitable CE year with the Scriptural midst of the week (Wed) crucifixion as precisely detailed in the Scriptures, can they also,

  1.  find precise alignment with the crucial 12 hour offset which pinpoints the accurate CE year of the crucifixion by
  2.  defining the two different Passovers, of the two separate calendars as specifically recorded by Matthew and John?  



Which of the years from CE 26 to CE 34 cannot apply?

What makes the CE year of the crucifixion so incredibly blinding brilliant, that it cannot be mistaken? 

In Part 1, you will find how the Calendar Rubble is removed from the years CE 26-29 and CE 31-34 in preparation for the most amazing discoveries in Part 2.  


It’s time to take the challenge, be amazed at what you find, and be blessed as you share with others.  Shalom!

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