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2.3 Genesis 15 Yahuah’s Covenant to Abram

2.3 Gen 15 Yahuah’s Covenant to Abram [38] 

Even IF you already know the day begins with the first dawn twilight. . The 1st dawn day study after Gen 1 is found in Gen 15 about Yahuah and His Covenant to Abram. – Points of study & questions A covenant is an agreement with two parties, not just one. The covenant agreement is binding on both parties. This covenant has the “blood component” just as a Scriptural everlasting covenant also has. Was this covenant sealed over a period of two days, or just one day? Would that matter? “When the sun went down and it was dark” … did that event begin a new day in this Scriptural testimony? This incredible story is the foundational platform for another very important dawn-day study involved with the timeline. What importance would one find for different “dawn day” testimonies to be linked together?

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