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2.3 Genesis 15 Yahuah’s Covenant to Abram

2.3 Gen 15 Yahuah’s Covenant to Abram [38] 

Even IF you already know the day begins with the first dawn twilight. . The 1st dawn day study after Gen 1 is found in Gen 15 about Yahuah and His Covenant to Abram. – Points of study & questions A covenant is an agreement with two parties, not just one. The covenant agreement is binding on both parties. This covenant has the “blood component” just as a Scriptural everlasting covenant also has. Was this covenant sealed over a period of two days, or just one day? Would that matter? “When the sun went down and it was dark” … did that event begin a new day in this Scriptural testimony? This incredible story is the foundational platform for another very important dawn-day study involved with the timeline. What importance would one find for different “dawn day” testimonies to be linked together?

Question you should be able to answer after doing this study

  1. What are the four components that Yahuah presents to fulfill His covenant/Ketubah with Abram?
  2. What was the reason for the animals Yahuah chose to be divided and placed one against another?
  3. What did this represent for future events? If this covenant was broken, did that mean someone had to pay a death penalty?
  4. After the sun went down and it was dark, “Who” passed between the animal pieces that Abram placed against each other?
  5. If this was a covenant between two parties, why did Abram not have to walk between the bloody pieces of the animals?
  6. This was a two-part covenant between Abram and Yahuah. Was Abram’s portion of the covenant on “one day” and Yahuah’s on “another day”?  Yes?  No?  If yes, how was it 2 days?  If no, hos was it 1 day?  Give a short explanation.
  7. What was the reason for the animals Yahuah chose to be divided and placed one against another?
  8. Death & Blood are part of animals being sacrificed. Yahuah passed between these animals on a blood walk indicating if the covenant was broken the penalty would be death.  Who will have to pay this death penalty?
  9. What day was it 400/430 years later from this covenant with Abram was Yahuah’s promise fulfilled?
  10. Does the Sunset Theory fulfill the Passover Covenant Contract being on two separate days?  Yes?  No?  If yes, explain how it fulfills the contract.  If no, explain how it does NOT fulfill the contract.

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