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1.18 Oh the Moon Part 3

1.18 Oh the Moon Pt 3 [75] CF

 Ancient word “Moonth” became the word “Month” and it means Month, not necessarily having anything to do with the physical moon… Humm, well imagine that.



  1. How many Hebrew references in Scriptures are there for the Moon?

  2. Name the four Hebrew words for moon.

  3. Why is one Hebrew definition not good enough?


  1. Can the moon ever qualify for the definition H2320, Chodesh /Qodesh?


  1. Yareach H3394  Give brief definition,


  1. Yerach H3391  “______________________________________”


  1. Lebanah H3842 “______________________________________”


  1. Saharon H7720 “______________________________________”


  1. Will H3391 qualify for Yahuah’s Set-Apart, Qodesh month for His special numbering System? Yes___________        No____________


  1. Consider the family root Words of H7723- H7722 to H 7720.  Give the definition of these Hebrew Family Root words to H7720 and note the comparisons.


  1. Is the moon capable of separating the light and night season?

Yes_________           No_______­      Give a brief explanation. 


  1. Does the moon produce its own light that can be connected to H216? <`owr>


  1. What Gender is the moon and what Gender is the sun? Why is this important when compared to the gender of H216 “light” <`owr>?


  1. Is it possible for the moon to be connected to H216/H215 – the same “light” as found on the 1st day of Creation – <`owr>?


  1. Does Yahuah’s Perfect Creation week have 2 types of months? If so, give a brief definition of these two types of months and explain what each one is for.


  1. First day of creation begins with what kind of month? What is this month for?


  1. Is there a 13th month in Scripture and if so where?


  1. Does 27.3 days or 29.5 days/lunar month seem to be part of Yahuah’s numbering system?

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