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This is such an important question, one that is being asked more and more as many Feast-keepers are realizing they really don’t know how to find “their festal calendar” in the Scriptures like they thought they could.  Many are not willing to just follow someone else’s calendar because “it sounds good” or because “the calendar proponent is held in high esteem.”  They are seeking for assurance to determine if their current festal calendar is correct, or is there something of much more worth.

This short writing on the Covenant Calendar will be in two parts. 

Part 1 will be a very short explanation of what guidelines Covenant Calendar will provide. 

Part 2 will have a bit more detail to share information that will help each individual decide if they want to pursue further Covenant Calendar studies through the Live Covenant Calendar teachings under the Video Page, or walk through the Power Point teaching under the Resource Page. 

There’s ample study material available, at https://www.studythecalendar.com/courses with contact information at the end of every presentation if there are questions that need answers.  The Covenant Calendar instructors are Tim Astleford from Alberta, Canada and Charlene Fortsch from British Columbia, Canada. 

The studies of Covenant Calendar must take time to reflect how this full and complete understanding was born – basically through the most important study of the Melchizedek Priesthood.  The Priesthood study provided the platform that declares this Covenant Calendar is indeed blood-ratified and eternally sealed by Yahusha in His witness through the gospel – especially in His death, burial, resurrection and two ascensions.  Therefore, our most sincere thanks go out to the Supreme Provider Yahusha Ha Mashiach for His guidance and direction through this incredible study.  May this short and simple article be a blessing to each reader as they search for the hidden gems of truth for the last generation. 

Part 1 – Covenant Calendar in a Nutshell (Short Version)                   

This is what will be realized in the Blood-Ratified Covenant Calendar that is found completely between the pages of Gen 1:1 to Exo 24:11 and stands in complete alignment with Yahusha Ha Mashiach’s everlasting Blood-ratified Book of the Covenant under the highest order of the Melchizedek Priesthood:

  1. The Covenant Calendar “Day” begins with DAWN – the first LIGHT in the morning sky, before the visible Every day is 24 hours long, including the weekly Sabbath.  (Gazing at the sun to determine the day-start or day-end is not commanded anywhere by Moses in Torah, or other Scriptures.)
  2. The Covenant Calendar “Year” begins when the winter season is complete in the Northern Hemisphere. The “equinox” day is the sign to determine the year end; the next day (of the first day of spring) is the first day of each new year.  The Covenant Calendar year is 360 days in length.
  3. The Covenant Calendar “Month” begins with the first day of each new year. Each of the 12 months in the 360 days is counted out as 30 days / month.  (Gazing at the moon to determine the month-start is also not commanded anywhere by Moses in Torah, or other Scriptures.)
  4. Summary: The Covenant Calendar is based upon “LIGHT” and simple counting – prepared this way by our Creator so everyone can know, understand and follow His Covenant Calendar as He has invited us to follow in His footsteps – especially for the worship statutes – as we move toward restoration of our relationship with our Bridegroom.  Covenant Calendar traces all the divine dates and times as the Bride prepares for the Wedding of the Universe through the greatest “Love Story” ever told.

Part 2 – Covenant Calendar (Longer Version)

With the explosion of feast calendars since 2018, for those that are new to understanding the “festal calendar” or even for those that are facing challenges with a current calendar they are observing, a question such as this comes up frequently: 

  • “Explain how you came to these dates for the feasts and festivals. These dates are completely different than any other calendar I’ve seen.  How is this Covenant Calendar calculated?”

There are many feast calendars “out there” but it is near impossible to explain how any of them are calculated in a few words or less, or in a nutshell.  However, Covenant Calendar can give each one “an overall view” of how this unique calendar is calculated in simplicity, beauty and elegance.  Understanding all of the details of how the counterfeits are stripped away takes much more time.

Basically, this is the Blood Ratified Covenant Calendar, after the order of our highest Priest, Melchizedek Yahusha Ha Mashiach, with a short explanation of the 6 components of ANY calendar – whether it be a civil calendar, or a festal calendar:

  1. Day-start: Every day begins with the first LIGHT in the “dawn” sky called twilight.  While the sunrise may be very close behind, the day does NOT begin with sunrise, but with light.  Everything on Day 1 of Creation began with LIGHT … and do remember there was no sunrise “or” sunset until the 4th day of creation.
  2. Day-length: Every day of creation (including the weekly Shabbat) has a full 24 hours including morning twilight, the Daylight Season; the evening twilight and then the Night Season – in this order.  Every Sabbath, whether weekly or an annual Sabbath, has a full 24 hours for worship, praise, prayer, fellowship and feasting.  For clarity, that means that the Shabbat begins at “dawn twilight” and ends at “dawn twilight” on what the Roman calendar calls Sunday.  Yahuah’s calendar is not a Roman calendar that begins any day at midnight.  It simply is Shabbat until the next dawn begins to illuminate the sky with light … then the day turns to the 1st cycle of the week.  (Matt 28:1)
  3. Year-start: (The following is for the northern hemisphere explanation.  The southern folk will make the necessary adjustments.)  When the sun finishes its circuit in the heavens after a year of travel and changes the “winter season” to the “spring season” this “equinox” event is what determines the END of the old year, and the START of the new year, the next day. (Ps 19:1-6)  In the Northern Hemisphere the day after the equinox is always listed as the first day of spring, and rightly so.  This is the time of the “greening” (or Abib) when the land comes back to life.  Exo 12:2 is very clear the start of the year, and the beginning of the first month were when the crops were “in abib” … and we know from the plagues the barley had just been destroyed while in the head.  This is the spring time in the northern hemisphere.  (Note:  the year start is not determined by “looking at the sun” but by a combination of 4 components that are needed to produce an equinox, namely:  The Mazzaroth (12 constellations); the Sun’s circuit ending at the same place each year in the Mazzaroth; LIGHT is needed to cast a shadow; the Earth is needed to receive the Light & Shadows.)
  4. Year-length: For the first 3300 years from creation, Yahuah’s year was composed of 360 days, and that was all.  From the flood account in Gen 7 and 8 … 5 months were equal to 150 days.  The flood was approximately 2000 BC.  Following the footsteps of Moses from Egypt to Mt Sinai around 1500 BC, the calendar still had 30 day months from Passover in the 1st month, to the Quail/Manna in the 2nd month, to Pentecost (and giving of the Everlasting Book of the Covenant Laws) in the 3rd  The earth’s year length did change with a huge shift at Hezekiah’s sundial miracle (Isaiah 38), which added 5+ days to the 360 days of the creation year.  However, this does not change the length of Yahuah’s Festal Calendar it is still 360 days, and that’s all.  Inevitably, until He changes the earth’s year length back to 360 days, the extra waiting days from count 361-365/366 are exactly “that” … they are days that are “waited out” watching for the equinox “sign” or “shadow” on the ground to determine the day of the “turning of the year” has arrived, just as the great pyramids of Joseph in Egypt still determine today.  (Also see Acts 7:22 – Moses knew when the year start was, and he knew the equinox calculation of those pyramids was also in alignment with Yahuah’s instructions for the year-start.  It all started with Joseph being sent to Egypt – where a lot of calendar truths were preserved for His people over that prophetic timeframe of 400 years from Abraham to the departure from Egypt.  Do this interesting math … 360 days/year  x  400 years = 144,000 days from Abraham to Moses’ deliverance of Yah’s people from Egypt!  Amazing!
  5. Month-start: Covenant Calendar does not use any of the moon’s cycles to determine the 1st day of any month.  Gazing at the sun or the moon for the purpose of setting timeframes of any worship statutes is strictly forbidden by Moses in two very clear commands found in Deut 4:19 and Deut 17:2-7 – and for disobedience the penalty was death by stoning.  The moon is not given for worship commands, but for ordinances to bless the earth and mankind with bountiful blessings of harvests (Deut 33:14).  (Do note in Jer 31:35, the “light” of the sun rules the day; the “constant light” of the stars rule the night and the moon is given for ordinances.  As an example of “one” of these ordinances, the tides of the sea is mentioned.  The moon is never the “ruler” of the night, being found in the day sky more than half of every month. 

The moon is simply incapable of fulfilling Yahuah’s command to “divide the day from the night” (Gen1:14), as revealed by the prevalent lunar presence during the light of the Day Season upon which no such division occurs.  Therefore, the moon has no divine authority to commence the festal months, or the weekly/annual Shabbats as was practiced by many pagans over 1000s of years.)

  1. Month-length: As already mentioned, Yahuah’s month consists of 30 days each (Gen 7-8 … 5 months had 150 days).  There are 12 months in the year – we find provision by wise King Solomon for his court by designating certain officers to be in charge for one month of every year.  He made provisions for only 12 months in a year, never was there provision for a 13th month (1 Chron 27:1-15).  The number “12” can be found in 187 places in the Scriptures.  Revelation alone has 22 occurrences of this number; one extremely important example being the tree of life (Rev 22:2) bearing twelve fruits, one every month.  The meaning of “12” (which is considered a perfect number), symbolizes Yahuah’s power and authority, as well as serving as a perfect governmental foundation.  The number “13” never has a place in naming anything in Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar.

SummaryYahuah’s Covenant Calendar is simply designed by “looking to the Light” and “learning to count.”  It is a “Covenant Count.”  All He asks is that we look to the “light” to begin the day; watch for the equinox shadow to know when to commence the year, and then learn to count:  1-30 for each month; 1-12 for 12 months of the year; or 1-360 counting each day in His calendar.  Because He knows the “end from the beginning” (Isa 46:9-10) and promises that we too can know the “end from the beginning” He has shown by many timeline prophecies in Revelation that His calendar will be re-instated before the end of time.  1260 days (in Rev 11, 12 and 13) is equal to 42 months of 30 days each. 

There is no provision for any year in those 3½ years to have an additional 13th month.  These timelines are specifically given for the Bride to know how to walk out her steps in the last days of an urgent message to the world to repent before it is too late. 

What an incredible “sign” from our Master of the Covenant Calendar to provide for His Bride and His people everywhere that when our current year goes back to the way it was in the beginning – back to only 360 days/year.  This indeed is a huge sign to His people that indeed He is still in control.

There is however one brilliant instance when the number 13 provides a very strong example for calendar considerations. It was upon the 13th march around the central center of moon worship – Jericho – that Yahuah felled the walls (foundation) of the city and its lunar based system of worship.  The chosen people of Yahuah then walked into the city with the lunar foundation for worship under their feet as seen prophetically in Revelation 12:1 – Bethula, Yahuah’s chosen Bride, seen with the moon (lunar based worship) under her feet.   

The best part about this Covenant CalendarEverything that has been lightly explained here about the six different components included in any/every calendar is this:  All six of these components with accurate description and instructions for fulfillment are found within the pages between Gen 1:1 to Exo 24:11.  Imagine that!  The basic foundation of the whole Covenant Calendar is found in these few pages.  But even more exciting is this.  From Gen 1:1 to Exo 24:11 is exactly where Yahuah’s Blood-Ratified, Everlasting Book of the Covenant is found.  The Words of this book are found in the four chapters of Exo 20-23 … in Exo 24:1-11 is where you’ll find these words are blood-ratified – not to be changed, added to, or subtracted from. 
This book was taken by Moses to the top of Mt Sinai – and Yahuah Himself engraved these Words onto the tables of stone, front and back (Exo 32:15).  These are the Words that still stand today.  They are the perfect instructions from our Highest Melchizedek Priest, re-established and ratified by His blood at Calvary.

In closing, what does His blood have to do with Covenant Calendar?  Well, first the Covenant Calendar is found between those precious pages of Gen 1:1 to Exo 24:11, where for 2500 years the patriarchs and prophets lived out these covenant instructions – of which Calendar was a huge part for the weekly and annual worship statutes.  This Covenant Calendar is also blood ratified … but by the precious blood of our Saviour Yahusha on HIS Passover day, that would have been on His Covenant Calendar.  You see, if Yahusha dies on any other calendar, He is automatically disqualified as the true Messiah.

These are a few of the highlights of Covenant Calendar that make it divinely unique, special, simple and elegant – so simple that children can actually calculate this calendar when they know how to count.  The “key” to the knowledge and understanding of Yahuah’s true calendar has again been found.  With just one divine swipe the Covenant Calendar can detect any counterfeit calendar that lingers to have dominance!

Of upmost importance, Covenant Calendar upholds, re-establishes, supports, fulfills and exonerates each statute written in the Scriptures without exception.  This statement is proven time and time again with each examination of the many different facets of calendar examples from the Scriptures.  This very fact is one that separates this blood ratified calendar from every other [counterfeit] calendar known to man.

“Choose ye this day” which calendar will be in alignment with the Creator’s design from the first day of creation – and also lived out in His life through the four Gospels with the final determined and sure witness in His death, burial, resurrection and two ascensions.  That, my friend, will be the true calendar – with blessings galore.

AppealEach one has a choice to compare this Covenant Calendar to any other calendar to see if indeed it is a true blood-ratified Covenant Calendar. 

May each one interested in finding the true Covenant Calendar of Yahuah take on this challenge in wonder and joy, seeking the blessings that lay in wait.

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YAH’S Covenant Calendar Logo speaks of our Restoration

to the Way, the Truth and the Life.​

Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar study also points everyone to the One and ONLY Light of the world, and the Lamp that Lights our Path
(John 14:6 & Ps 119:105).

How should this logo be viewed?
Let’s begin first with the definitions of a circle including; wholeness, totality, eternity, and original perfection. These terms add clarity to the circular nature of the logo. Also the circular format reflects the Hebrew mindset of the Cyclical Nature of Yahuah’s Mo-edim which function eternally every year within a yearly rotation!

Keep these points in mind while pondering the following descriptions:

1. Covenant of the Day and Night (Jer 33:20-25) – represented by the light of day and the light of the Mazzaroth to become “yom echad” – or one 24 hour cycle.

2. The Keys – represent the restoration of the essential keys of Yahuah’s Kingdom that have been lost through the ages (Luke 11:52). Primarily this indicates the Dawn start of the cycles as per many Scriptural examples, and the Tequfah/Mazzaroth based system of counting the Shaneh ({year} – Gen 1:14). However they also include way more than just the keys that unlock the calendar study.

3. The Crown of the Keys – represent His Kingdom as our goal or “target” and it is always 100% in the light and focused ON the Light; {My Burden is Light – Matt 11:30; Isa 8:20 … If they speak not according to this word, there is no light in them.} It also symbolizes the Dalet which is the door (gate) for those who guard the commandments/instructions of Yahuah that they may have the authority to pass through to enter into the City of Yahuah (Rev 22:14).

4. The Divisions of Seasons – expanding outward there are the four divisions of the seasons seen in the outer ring: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (Gen 8:22).

5. The Length of the Year – the outer ring, also representing the Shaneh year, speaks of the completion of 360 days, one degree for each day (Gen 7 & 8). The End will be exactly as the beginning – 360 cycle days/year as Isaiah notes knowing the “End from the Beginning!” (Isa 46:9-10).

6. Colors in the Logo – each color has an interesting meaning as well (from Google search on the Biblical meanings of colors).

  • Boqer/morning twilight there is completeness for each 24 hour cycle.
  • Turquoise: Healing and Sanctification
  • Fuchsia: right relationship
  • Yellow: faith and anointing
  • Day Season
  • Sapphire: Grace
  • Ereb/evening twilight has these meanings:
  • Amber: Endurance
  • Orange: Deliverance
  • Blue: Heaven
  • Season Quadrants
  • Spring: Green – New beginning and restoration
  • Summer: Gold – Righteousness
  • Fall: Red – Atonement, Salvation
  • Winter: White – Purity, Bride of Yahusha, Completion
  • Night Season:
  • White: Pure light of the Mazzaroth leading us back to boqer
  • Background colors [as illustrated on the title slide]:
  • Purple: Melchizedek Priesthood
  • Sapphire: Commandments

These colors were chosen with the natural color selection that would be used to illustrate any colors connected to day, night, morning and evening. Every color has also been in effect by divine appointment from before the foundation of this world (Heb 1:10). And, every color is intertwined with the Father’s plan for the restoration of His children into His kingdom.

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