with Tim and Charlene & the CCC members

2.9 Between the Evenings

2.9 Between the Evenings Grammar 101 Part 4 {97]

This Teaching we will begin to unravel the secrets that are held in this “mysterious” phrase of “beyn ha arbayim” (or: “between the evenings” in English). Yes, we did break this topic open in early 2018, but now it is time to completely unravel these puzzle pieces and find out exactly what Yahuah’s intent was for building this phrase into the Torah books 11 times. (Count this as a huge revision.) Come and join our Covenant Calendar Class this week as we discover what can be found in Torah pages. Will there be enough evidence this week to detect what is counterfeit and what is not? Each individual will have that choice before them. This is part 4 of Grammar 101 and the study on “evening” – yes, that word that still claims the “cornerstone block” of the whole Covenant Calendar. ~ a prelude to next week’s study

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