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1.9 David’s Qodesh Lechem

1.9 Davids Qodesh Lechem [89]

1.9 Davids Qodesh Lechem [89] Learn why the “Equilux” can definitely NOT be a part of the determining factor for the starting of the new biblical year. We apologize for the audio quality in some parts of this video, yet it is worthy of your attention.. The Equinox ends the previous year across our planet at the exact same moment of time, regardless of your time zone. Yet… no two places on earth have equal light of 12 hours a day and 12 hours a night (the meaning of equilux), especially at the same time. So Equi-lux CAN NOT WORK ~ Our Messiah gave His life as the Passover lamb for ALL “at the same moment of time” on the 14th day in the 1st month in that year.

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