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3.1 Day Start - Dawn Day

DAWN day that will be set out in an easy format,  This just may be the study tool that many can use as they seek for new ways to share.  While we have always said the last work for all of Covenant Calendar has to be found in the life, death, resurrection and ascension of our Messiah, this new teaching addresses several important issues around Yahusha’s Passion on His Passover day.  


Question you should be able to answer after doing this study

1.       How did the master of deceit, lies and stealing hide the proper worship statutes of calendar times of Yahuah?

2.       Jews, Sabbath-keepers, Messianic, etc. start their Sabbaths when?

3.       When does the day begin?  Midnight, sunset, sunrise, or _________?

4.       On Day One what did the Ruach have to cleanse?

5.       What did Yahuah call the 12 hr Light Season and the 12 hr Night Season?

6.       What did Yahuah divide in Gen 1:4?

7.       Upon the restoration in Gen 1:2a, how did the creation week begin?

8.       What was Yahuah’s very first covenant given on Day One of Creation?

9.       Is following Yahuah’s 1st Covenant given on Day One of Creation a salvational issue?

10.   Both twilight transition times belong to “which” cycle?

11.   Give one example in Yahuahs Scripture where the day begins at sunset!

12.   Explain the Scripture of John 11:9-10.

13.   When Yahusha was taken down from the stake, if it was the beginning of a High Sabbath would a righteous man such as Joseph be purchasing any item for Yahusha’s burial?

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