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2.5 Grammar 101 Part 2-3

2.5 Grammar 101 Pt 2 -3 [90]

Part 1 laid down some Bible study skills for understanding how to use some basic study tools and grammar skills. – SKILLS for ANY TOPIC. 
We used these skills to examine some of the definitions in Gen 1:5 for the first day of creation, and the first definitions for day, night, evening, morning, etc.  
YES – We will have a quick review of Part 1, before settling into Part 2 – which is especially helpful if you missed Part 1
Because the word “evening” is the whole basis of the Covenant Calendar study, we want to be sure “exactly how” this word is defined according to the Hebrew, not English.  
Why would this be so important?  
Well, because so many believe:  1)  evening means sunset;  2)  evening begins every new day, especially the worship statutes. 
Part 1 covered the understanding of Gen 1:5(b) “and the evening and the morning were the first day” KJV … which is a definition showing the “evening and morning” belong to the Day Season in the 24 hr cycle.  
This phrase was never intended to be a definition of any day commencement as the 1st day is very clear everything began with “LIGHT.”
Part 2 will expand the information around morning & night – then also expand the term “evening” even further to:  
 Fully understand the Lev 23:32 phrase “from even unto even shall ye celebrate your Sabbath,” and
  • To lay down the groundwork for the phrase “between the evenings” – which happens to be very controversial and a teaching you’ll surely not want to miss in the near future.
We look forward to YAHUAH revealing more of His mysteries to us by His Ruach Ha’Kodesh (Holy Spirit) through the study of His word, prayer and the testimonies of others.

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