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4.21 – Gideon’s Fleece

Gideon’s Fleece

Full Teaching 4.21

This Scripture testimony from Judges 6-7 is one that has thrilled children and adults for ages – the wonder of how Yahuah fought for Gideon through an army of 300 men instead of 32,000.  And yes, we now know this is ANOTHER testimony for Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar day-start in the morning, and not at sunset as so many of us have been taught.  But, many of you already know there are many dawn-day calendar studies in the Old Testament alone, so why do we need yet another one?  Well, in our studies and our search, we have also found it pays to dig a little deeper as many of the “dawn-day studies” have very special gems of truth that we would not have found otherwise, EXCEPT to just DIG Deeper.  So, everyone, here is the invitation to “Come and See” what has been found while enjoying the full study – and – see if this “gem” has anything to do with Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar!  Shalom!

Teaser 4.21a

This video is just a very short introduction into what there is to discover in the full study of Gideon’s Fleece found in Judges 6-7.  Once the Torah has established Yahuah’s day begins with the first dawn twilight every morning, there shouldn’t be any reason for having many more witnesses in the rest of the Old Testament.  Yet there are many – along with Gideon. This short introduction will tell you “why” it may be worth your while to take another look.  Remembering that every word of Scripture is very important, and every story is very important, so is the “new lesson” in this story – it is of extreme importance and a topic of huge controversy for most everyone.  All you have to do is:  “Come and See!”  Shalom!



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