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2.1 Grammar 101 & Gen 1 Hebrew Study Skills Part 1

2.1 Grammar 101 & Gen 1 Hebrew Study Skills Pt 1

[75] BC CF

Question you should be able to answer after doing this study

  1. To study Scripture properly, do we need to look to contents/context and the definitions of Hebrew meanings? Give a short explanation as to why!
  2. When does Yahuah’s day begin and how is that different than man’s traditions?
  3. Can we say it really doesn’t matter what the meaning of words are from English to Hebrew and vice versa?
  4. Will we likely be wrong if we just guess at the meanings of words from English to Hebrew?
  5. What does the word “etymology” mean – and how should we apply its meaning to studying the Scriptures?
  6. Who has hidden the keys of knowledge to when Yahuah’s day start is?
  7. If we start the Sabbath on the 6th cycle (Fri) at <ereb>, are we giving our allegiance and worship to darkness?
  8. What is the word that applies to what is happening with Yahuah’s “revealing all things that have been hidden”? One word?
  9. How do we remove “traditions” from our life?
  10. Do you think it is possible to read only 10 words from one verse contained in a passage of 89 words and then expect to understand the whole context?
  11. List 4 or 5 good resources to learn how to start studying definitions of the Scriptures.
  12. Can we know how Yahuah’s day starts without looking to the sun? By the twilights?
  13. What animals rest on the Sabbath and do they know the day-start – at dawn – or do they go by Sunset Theory?
  14. Which “season” do both twilights belong to? Day Season, or Night Season?
  15. When does the 24 hr cycle end and a new 24 hr cycle begin?

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