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6.4 Oh, that Moon!

Full Teaching As there is a growing interest in the true Royal Covenant Calendar of Yahusha, there is also a growing interest in just how to answer the questions around the moon. As we know the majority of festival calendars use the moon to begin their month-start. If you don’t have time for the very […]

6.3 Creation’s Curtain Call Gen 1v1

Full Teaching The first verse of Genesis is one of those verses that many do not know what to do with. In fact, most people (including many scholars and theologians), believe Gen 1:1 is just an introductory verse to the Creation Week! Well, we understand why many people “think that” and “go no further than […]

6.2 Yahusha Messiah of Light Lucifer the deceiver of Darkness


Full Teaching Lucifer was once the “enlightened one” in the courts of heaven – a very beautiful angel of all creation.  How is it that darkness began to overwhelm his very heart?  What was it about his Creator that he despised so much? And did he lash out against the Light of the Creator of the […]

6.1 Day of Atonement in a Quandry

Atonement Evening Quandry

Full Teaching In this short study on the timing of Day of Atonement, we hope that you will see what the quandary is with the sunset theory idea of day-start. Is it really true that sunset theory demands that the 9th day of the 7th month has TWO evenings? If you want to know, then […]

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