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1.32 Calculating Atonement Correctly [61] TA Is Yom Kippur The “Day” of Atonement or the “Days” of Atonement. Is Yom Kippur really on 9th & 10th day of the 7th month? The answer may surprise you… https://youtu.be/g1zDSHiT60M

1.31 Creation’s First Tequfah Witness Pt2

1.31 Creation’s First Tequfah Witness Pt2 [111] TA Part 2 of when the biblical year really begins. …How could have we have been so blind to something so obvious for so long?

1.30 Creation’s First Tequfah Witness Pt1

1.30 Creation’s First Tequfah Witness Pt1 [85]  TA See for yourself why according to the bible, the first mention of the Equinox aka “Tekufah”, was in fact used for establishing the beginning of each year and should still be used today.

1.27 Noah Yahuah’s Chosen Captain

1.27 Noah Yahuah’s Chosen Captain TA Was the ark a Submarine? There can only be one Covenant Calendar… See why the lunar solar & enochian calendars will not work and why 30 day months are so vitally important in marking our biblical feast days.

1.24 Determination of 2018 Spring Equinox

Yah's Covenant Calendar Club

1.24 Determination of 2018 Spring Equinox [26] NN This LIVE presentation and discussion shows how to find the Spring Equinox using Stellarium Astronomy Software. Free astronomy software download https://stellarium.org/

1.23 Oh the Moon Part 6 H2320 Scriptures

Moon part 6

1.23 Oh the Moon Pt 6 H2320 Scriptures [100] CF Why was the word for Month translated in our bibles as New Moon? Did you know that 5 Hebrew numbers have all been translated as the word Moon & New Moon. There is a HUGE difference between the words Moon and Month, this video will […]

1.21 Yahusha’s Birth

Yah's Covenant Calendar Club

1.21 Yahusha’s Birth [77] TA When was the birth of our Messiah? Does anyone really know. Originally titled “Yahusha’s Birth” is an in-depth investigation as to what day it was. Yet the day He died & was resurrected, is, of course, the most important days of all. https://youtu.be/gdFOFlJwl4E

1.20 Oh the Moon Part 5 H2320 Def & Lexicons

Moon part 5

1.20 Oh the Moon Pt 5 H2320 Def & Lexicons [78] CF Learn the true meaning of the word Moon in Non-torah books VS in the Torah (The books of Moses) https://youtu.be/HnmLWUhrNx4

1.19 Oh the Moon Part 4 H3391 Lux & Puzzles

Moon part 4

1.19 Oh the Moon Pt4 H3391 Lux & Puzzles [92] CF This teaching raises a serious question for you to decide; Could a “point” anything possibly be a set-apart number in our creator’s time clock? Is there any scriptural reference at all for using a 29.5 or a 27.3 day month? If you answered no, […]

1.18 Oh the Moon Part 3

Moon part 3

1.18 Oh the Moon Pt 3 [75] CF  Ancient word “Moonth” became the word “Month” and it means Month, not necessarily having anything to do with the physical moon… Humm, well imagine that.

1.17 Oh the Moon Part 2 Judge H3391 & H4150 Definitions

moon 2

1.17 Oh the Moon Pt 2 Judges H3391 &4150 Def [90] CF Is there a commandment commanding us to judge those using the moon to commence a month or start for a biblical holy day? In part 2 of The Moon study, we will breakdown & discuss the “5 types of the moon” written in […]

1.16 Oh the Moon Part 1 Intro & H3394

Moon #1 video

1.16 Oh the Moon Pt 1 Intro & H3394 [77] CF Learn what the bible says about “The Moon” & its regard if any to the biblical covenant calendar. This will be a in-depth study and is the first of the Moon study series.

1.15 The Crucifixion According to John

Yah's Covenant Calendar Club

1.15 The Crucifixion According to John 1.15 The Crucifixion According to John [93] TA This teaching is about WHEN and covers “when” the day begins “when” Messiah died & “when” was He resurrected from the dead… According to John “WHEN” helps us to clear up many Calendar debates! CCC invites you to study for yourself. […]

1.14 Yahusha’s Contempt of Lunar Based Calendar

Full Moon

1.14 Yahusha’s Contempt of Lunar Based Calendar [91] 1.14 Yahusha’s Contempt of Lunar Based Calendar [91] Did our Messiah have different feast dates than that of the Jews? Was he a Rebel? The language in your bibles clearly shows that Yahusha’s Contempt was towards the feast of the Jews, NOT against His Father’s Times & […]

1.13 Rev 12 Woman Standing on the Moon

Full Moon

1.13 Rev 12 Woman Standing on the Moon [89] TA Do you seek to follow our creator’s COVENANT CALENDAR or the traditions of men? The true meaning of the phrase “Under Foot” is one of a position. It clearly denotes a position of authority, or in this case a lack of it. With the instructions […]

1.11 The Tequfah Unveiled

Yah's Covenant Calendar Club

1.11 The Tequfah Unveiled [74] 1.11 The Tequfah Unveiled [74] TA Tequfah also spelled Tekufah is defined as the “Equinox” and is mentioned several times in the sacred scriptures.

1.9 David’s Qodesh Lechem

Yah's Covenant Calendar Club

1.9 Davids Qodesh Lechem [89] 1.9 Davids Qodesh Lechem [89] Learn why the “Equilux” can definitely NOT be a part of the determining factor for the starting of the new biblical year. We apologize for the audio quality in some parts of this video, yet it is worthy of your attention.. The Equinox ends the […]