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4.6 Discovering Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar

4.6 Discovering Yahuah's Covenant Calendar Pat 1 & 2

Questions for consideration: 
  1. Those that are following a lunar based calendar, and set their festival count according to the moon, is this considered as serving and worshipping the moon according to 2 commands of Moses in Deut 4 and 17? 
  2. If the moon is not in charge of the commencement of the 1st month of the year, which is also the year commencement … what then will be the Torah based command for the “start of the Festal year”? 

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3. Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar year contains only 360 days.  What are we supposed to do with the 5+ extra days as counted out on our civil calendars today?  Will the civil calendar eventually be turned back to Yahuah’s original design of only 360 days/year to fulfill the command that Yahuah’s people will know the “end from the beginning” as expressed 7 times in Isaiah?

4. Is it a salvational issue to follow a Festal calendar that is not based completely in Torah, according to Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar guidelines?

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