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1.19 Oh the Moon Part 4 H3391 Lux & Puzzles

1.19 Oh the Moon Pt4 H3391 Lux & Puzzles [92] CF

This teaching raises a serious question for you to decide; Could a “point” anything possibly be a set-apart number in our creator’s time clock? Is there any scriptural reference at all for using a 29.5 or a 27.3 day month? If you answered no, then why would you ever use the moon to determine when a month or year begins?



  1. What was the very first Covenant given in the Creation week?


  1. What day in Creation week was the moon restored and what was the job description given to the moon by our Creator?


  1. Sidereal Month= how many days? Synodic Month = how many days?  Why are there 2 different types of “moon months”?


  1. Did Yahuah change His mind and create a new month and where is it found in Scripture?


  1. Who introduced the Metonic cycle and when? Does this align with Scripture?


  1. Does the moon have anything to do with the separation of the day and night seasons more than 1 day in every month?


  1. Do the sun and stars have cycles or lunations?


  1. Who are the Wiccans and what do they worship?


  1. New Month and New Moon seem to be synonyms, but are they? Explain in short detail why or why not.


  1. If we follow Moon Calendars or look to the moon for our Feast Days who are we worshiping and giving our sacred regard to?

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