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5.9 John 7 – Yahusha & the Jews Feast of Tabernacles (Part 1)

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John is the favorite Gospel for many people for various reasons.  Why is this?  At Covenant Calendar Club, we know why John is a favorite Gospel for just about every calendar teaching.  This is because John records details of many events that the synoptic Gospels are completely silent on.  Even in the Covenant Calendar studies, John is very detailed so that his studious readers can tell exactly Who the true Messiah is, and exactly what set-apart appointed times He kept.  In Part 1 there are a lot of questions to be asked to prepare us if Yahusha is following Torah, or not.  And if He isn’t, then would that be considered rebellion?  Notice the very interesting clues that John gives for this extra-ordinary record of the unbelieving Jews’ Feast of Tabernacles.  It will prepare you for Part 2 and we’re quite sure you’ll want to “Come and See.”  Shalom!

Teaser 5.9 PART

John 7 context is about the Tabernacles Feast of the Jews – not the Feast of the Torah. Yahusha refused to go up to the feast with his brethren! Why? Was He not required to attend according to Torah Statutes? “Come and See” if the thought provoking questions in Part 1 will help you to ponder this chapter a little deeper. Shalom!


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