3.4 Myriads of Ravaging Locusts – Part 2

3.4 Myriads of Ravaging Locusts – Part 2

3.4 Myriads of Ravaging Locusts – Part 2

Will the words “this night” and “that night” really be that important in this day-start study?

Did Moses actually write this testimony according to the guidelines of Covenant Calendar from Creation week?

Locust’s were used in the 8th plague of Egypt for two very important reasons. What were they?

1) Expose the false authority of the Pharaoh.

2) Expose the falsehood of the “pagan god of the insects” believed to protect Egypt.

A wind was supposed to blow before the arrival of the locusts. Did the wind blow during:

1) just the light season

2) just the night season

3) all that day and all that night 4) all that day and all the next night

5) 12 hours

6) 24 hours

7) other

When did the wind begin blowing?

1) at evening {ereb}

2) when the sun got hot in the afternoon

3) at sunrise

4) at sunset {shemesh bow}

5) at morning twilight {boqer}

Exactly when did the locusts arrive after Mosheh stretched out his rod under command from Yahuah, initiating the wind to start blowing?

1) 12 hrs later

2) 24 hours later

3) 2 days later

What was Moses’ pattern during the first 9 plagues to meet with Pharaoh?

1) about the 3rd hr of the day (9 AM)?

2) after Pharaoh had his afternoon nap, when he would not be grumpy?

3) at sunset?

4) early, or very early, in the morning twilight?

Do the locust’s confirm:

1) each new day begins with the sunset?

2) each new day begins with evening twilight?

3) each new day begins with the morning twilight before sunrise?

4) each new day begins at high noon?

Was there any light in the sky when the locust’s arrived?

Which Scripture provides the answer?

What two Hebrew words are preserved by Yahuah in the Tanach that distinctly function in unison to determine the exact time of the locust’s arrival?

1) ereb, shemesh

2) ereb, layil

3) beyn ha arbayim

4) ereb, boqer

5) boqer, machar

What instrument used to express Divine authority, (which Pharaoh would immediately recognize as a superior authority) was Mosheh commanded to carry with him at the 8th plague meeting with Pharaoh at the river bank? 1) sandal

2) staff

3) incense

4) breastplate

5) Book of the Covenant

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