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4.14a King Josiah Teaser Study

This is a study coming soon from Covenant Calendar Club to help further your understanding about Yahuah’s extremely important commencement of every day – the dawn commencement, not the sunset commencement.  But there is more …
Did you know that these 41,400 Passover sacrifices were not all offered on the Light Season of Abib 14?  Why did King Josiah have the priests sacrificing up until the night?  If sunset actually turns the day date from Abib 14 to Abib 15, was he not in violation of Torah by offering Passover Sacrifices past the sunset of Abib 14?  This is about 800 years after Moses died.  Did King Josiah (who followed the laws of Moses) get things mixed up?  But there’s more … the phrase “between the evenings” is actually from the Hebrew “beyn ha arbayim” … 

which just happens to have a lot of impact in this study, as it does 11 times in the Torah.  Will “beyn ha arbayim” support the commencement of the day through dawn twilight or sunset? 

Come and see what is in this awesome Scripture testimony!

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