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3.2 Dawn DAy Sampler part 2

Part 2 of the Dawn Day Sampler – with some very interesting insights on the “Light” that begins every day of the first 5 days of Creation.  Now this may not sound important just yet, but maybe it is?!  Come and See – just how much information is really packed into Gen 1:5 – a very key verse for “day-start” and many other things.  This is a continuation of Dawn Day Sampler Part 1 that was originally done for a very simple Spanish translation & has also been passed to Walter for German translation.  Part 2 has much more detail and an interesting flare. 

Question you should be able to answer after doing this study

1.       When does a day begin according to Torah?

2.       When does a day begin according to you?

3.       Considering the ancient calendars of Israel, approximately when did the calendars begin to change and in what year?

4.       Why in Gen 1:2(a) did a restoration need to take place?

5.       How would you align Isaiah 14:12-15 with Genesis 1:2(a)?

6.       When does a day begin according to Tradition?  How is this different than truth?

7.       In Scriptures is Yahuah ever referred to as darkness?   From Gen 1 to Rev 22 give a Scripture if this is the case?

8.       Why should we follow Yahuah’s “First” Covenant of the day and Covenant of the night?

9.       What is Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar based on?

10.   Give one definition for the word Day <H3117/yowm> from Strong’s.

11.   On the first four days of creation Yahuah presence was involved with the twilights.  On Day 4 what was restored that was now involved in the ereb?

12.   On Day 4, only one of the twilights is unique.  Why is just one twilight unique?

13.   Day 4 of the creation week has a very special alignment with a prophecy in Daniel.  List that Scripture and who does it point to?  Does this point to a marker for our Salvation?

14.   In the Creation Week, there are three different types of day-starts.  List these three different ways, and on what days they occurred?

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